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The following PDF document is courtesy of the MCA and is MSN 1781, otherwise known as 'The Merchant Shipping (Distress Signals & Prevention of Collisions) Regulations 1972 - amended in November 2003.

For those of you who have an old copy of the Collision Regulations and just want to see the amendments, the 2nd PDF details the changes.

Collision Regulations Text
MSN 1781 ~ Full Up-to-Date Text of the Collision Regulations
PDF Format
November 2003 Amendments to the Collision regulations
PDF Format

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Also available from our Recommended Books page is the latest (7th) edition of 'A Guide to the Collision Avoidance Rules' by A.N. Cockcroft & J.N.F. Lameijer. Simply click on the book image to buy now online via Amazon.co.uk.

A Guide to the Collision Avoidance Rules

This seventh edition, published in November 2011 incorporates all of the amendments to the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea which came into force in November 2007.

The book sets out all of the Rules with clear explanation of their meaning, and gives detailed examples of how the rules have been used in practice by seafarers, as well as excerpts from Court judgements to illustrate how they have been interpreted in practice. Written for masters, navigating officers, senior crew, cadets and those in training, plus ship operators, marine lawyers and anyone concerned with the safe operation of shipping, this is an essential reference for at sea and on shore.

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